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Survey Results


Since its inception, The Glacial Hills Pathway and Natural Area was structured as a multi-use, multidirectional public trailway.  In the Summer of 2021, the Friends of Glacial Hills board formed a committee of volunteers whose task was to consider the feasibility of one-way bike travel on all or some portion of the pathways to accommodate interest often expressed by trail users.  Informal interviews were conducted over three busy weekends at the trailheads, an online survey resulted in feedback from more than 300 trail users, and the technical feasibility of the trailway design was thoroughly examined.  


Our trail users offered many excellent suggestions, however opinions regarding directionality were diverse and inconclusive.  As a result of the information and feedback gathered, the committee ultimately recommended that Glacial Hills remain multi-directional for the foreseeable future.   


The committee did recommend that ideas such as one-way travel, hiker-only pathways and others could be considered in the context of a longer-term strategic plan.  In the meantime, they emphasized the need for ongoing improvements to enhance trail safety, such as improved site lines, and increased emphasis on promotion of trail etiquette. 


We wish to thank the volunteers and trail users who participated for your contributions to this study. Happy trail to all of you!

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