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Field Maps Instructions

Field Maps is a mobile application for Android and Apple that provides details for any issues that have been identified from QuickCapture.  This includes a visualization of the trails on a detailed map showing all trail segments, intersections, infrastructure as well as including the users current GPS location.  Field Maps also gives the user the ability to mark problems as "Resolved" after work to address the problem has been completed (e.g. cutting up a downed tree).


  1. Go to the Android Play Store or Apple App Store and search for ArcGIS Field Maps (see icon to the right).

  2. Install and open that app.

  3. Tap on the option to Sign in with ArcGIS Online.

  4. Enter username glacialhillsuser and password of Trails1!

Once you are successfully logged in, several maps will be displayed. Tapping on a map will open it up.  You should see one or more of the following maps (see sample image to the right):

  1. GH Volunteer Map.  This map shows everything about the Glacial Hills Trail System.  It will show the status of the patrols, the unresolved problems, the Infrastructure (Gates, Drains, Benchs), and Parking lot structures (Kiosk, Bathroom).  You can update the patrol dates, add new problems and resolve existing issues on this map.

  2. GH Patrol Map.  This map only shows the patrol status.

  3. GH Tree Map.  This map only shows tree problems.

  4. Glacial Hills Invasives Map.  This map will be used by the Invasives team to track their activities. 

In these instructions, the Patrol and Tree maps are not discussed as they have the same functionality presented below for the GH Volunteer Map.

Tapping on the GH Volunteer map should produce a similar screen as shown here (these screen images are for Android, however, the iPhone screens are very similar).  It will center on your GPS position and display current conditions.  This example is after it was zoomed out and moved.

This view gives you a quick overview of the current conditions for the entire Glacial Hills trail system.


Please note the following details:


  1. The blue dot on the map represents your current GPS location.

  2. The green line is the outline of Glacial Hills.

  3. A tree icon on its side is showing where there are trees down and exactly where they are located on the map.  A tree down represents a “Problem” that needs resolution and will be discussed later in these instructions. 

  4. Recently patrolled trail segments are green.

  5. The red trail segments are those that need patrolling.

More icons and information will appear as you zoom in, such as the intersection numbers, bathrooms, kiosks, benches, two-tracks, etc.




After you have hiked, biked or run on the trails, we’d like you to report which segments you have patrolled.  To update the patrol information for any segment(s), select the trail segment by tapping on it which will highlight and show its information.

Pressing the pencil icon at the bottom left (circled in red) will bring up the edit form where you can change the "Date Checked" and "Checked By" information.  Please enter the date of the patrol and your name in the appropriate fields.

Press the upper left checkmark when completed to save the information.




After a problem has been taken care of (e.g. downed tree cleared), Field Maps will let you update the status of the problem letting us know the problem is resolved.  To do this, select a problem by tapping on it which will highlight and show its information.  You can view the attached image file if one exists (from QuickCapture).


When you tap on the pencil icon at the bottom left, it will bring up the edit form where you can change the status to Resolved.


Press the upper left checkmark when completed to save the information.





While you are on the trails, you may observe a new problem that needs to be reported.  To report a new problem, press the blue plus symbol in the lower right on the main screen.  It will zoom to your GPS location and present a form to fill out.  You can move the location and press the Update point to change to that location.   

Input the Issue Type, Reported by, and leave the status unresolved.  Please take a photo.


Press the checkmark when completed.  You have now reported a new problem that will show up on the map and will remain there until it is marked as Resolved.

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 7.54.03 AM.png
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