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Trail Work Update For 2/1/2018

Jim and the trail crew are heading out to clear a number of downed trees on the trail! What better way to start a new month with some freshening up of our trail system.

The crew will focus on their work from the Vandermark lot at 9am. At the moment, we've identified four tress down between post 16-18. If there is time, we'll also be looking at a few leaning trees that may need shifting to ensure trail user safety. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the crews, and give them a wide berth if you happen upon them during the course of your adventures. And be sure to give them a wave!

It's looking like a beautiful winter weekend. Saturday temperatures are expected to be pleasant in the 20s, with a bit more chillier Sunday reaching the mid-teens. Whether you're riding, skiing, or snowshoeing, make the most of winter's return by getting outside and enjoying the trails!

Have any concerns about the trails? Let us know at

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