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Your Voice, Your Trails: A Call To Action

At a recent Antrim County Commissions meeting, Glacial Hills was on the table. As many of you know, there are multiple organizations behind keeping the trails open and maintained, and Antrim Country is an integral part of that team. During the meeting, the Intergovernmental Agreement as put under the microscope, and we wanted to make sure you knew what that means. The Agreement will be on the table again in two weeks, and there is a chance that the County will ask that the Friends of Glacial Hills Board will not be permitted to ask the entities in possession of the property for any funding in the future. These entities include Antrim Country, Forest Home Township, and Bellaire. This is not something our Board would like to see happen. This decision is entirely in the hands of the Antrim County Board of Commissioners, but that doesn't mean you don't have a voice.

We asking those who enjoy to the trails to support us in asking the Board of Commissioners to continue with the Agreement and its current structure. By writing an email, you can help us protect how the trails are maintained and organized, as well as set the tone for future discussions of our beloved natural recreation area. Below, we've included the emails of the Board, which you can copy and paste.

Our goal is to send 100 emails before the next meeting, which is scheduled for February 27.

Please CC

Thank you!

Board Member Emails,,,,,,,,,

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