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May Trail Day: Thank You!

We are into some simply gorgeous weather, and we can't thank our volunteers enough for choosing to spend it with us getting dirty at Glacial Hills!

This past Saturday, we had two dozen helping hands at Glacial Hills to help make the trail even better as we head into summer. After a long winter of grooming, we were so happy to see plenty of volunteers still eager to get involved! Originally scheduled for Earth Day Weekend, we were forced to push our normal spring work day back over three weeks to make sure the snow, ice, and mud were gone before we got started.

Most of our spring work was dedicated to clearing the debris of a long, cold winter. Sticks, twigs, low branches, and entire trees create a hazard for both biking and hiking, and it took plenty of hard work to get those niggling annoyances tidied up. For some of our more experienced volunteers, we also worked to solve erosion issues, run-of or trail bed that were affected by ice and snow. And of course, we trimmed back as many of those face-slapping limps as we could without affected the natural, raw look and feel of our beautiful forest.

And if you didn't make the trail day, the next time you roll into a Glacial Hills Trail Head, you're going to notice a little extra elbow room. Thanks to the continued support of people just like you, we were able to enhance the lots at all three trailheads. Orchard Hill is now doubled in size! This should allow for easier access, especially for clubs and organizations that are planning to meet at one spot.

We're incredibly thankful for all of your hard work and your support. Remember, even if you can't join us Tuesday nights or Thursday mornings, your donations can go a long way to making Glacial Hills even better.

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