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Summer Trail Work Schedule

We take a lot of pride in how well-maintained our trails are. Our reputation around the state is one of immaculate riding, running, and hiking conditions every single time our friends enter the woods, and we strive to keep that reputation alive.

But we need your help.

Our merry band of volunteers spend countless hours working to fight erosion, clear downed trees, fix trail bed issues, and make sure the trail is as safe as it is fun. For much of this work, we've organized two weekly efforts that are planned around a volunteer base that is plugged in via email. By communicating trail issues quickly, clearly, and efficiently, we make your time helping Glacial Hills very well-spent; trust us, you'll never be standing around at a Glacial trail event!

Our two weekly trail efforts are Tuesday nights at 6 pm and Thursday mornings at 9 am. Both of these time slots are geared to appeal to different folks; busy work schedule? Join us Tuesday! Got some time during the day? Thursday is always an especially important effort as we ready the trails for what is always a busy weekend of playing in the woods. Meeting locations and a general plan of the work will be communicated through a group email, so you'll know exactly where to be and when to be there.

Volunteering is an incredible way to give back, but also to truly connect with nature and our gorgeous landscape. By putting your hands in the dirt, you really connect with Northern Michigan and our special place in the world, and you'll find that it offers a very rewarding experience.

Help us keep Glacial Hills one of the premier trail destinations in the state by lending a hand, wielding a shovel, and perhaps bringing a friend to our weekly trail maintenance efforts. Even if you can't make them all, we always appreciate any time you can spare.

Sign up to volunteer here. And thank you!

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