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August ATV Fundraiser Starts Today!

glacial hills bellaire trails Michigan

Glacial Hills has a reputation across the state for offering some of the best maintained trails in the world. Seriously! We have a team of dedicated volunteers that tackle downed trees and other issues with a surgical precision. Because of them, and because of the generous support of mountain bikers, hikers, runners, and all trail advocates, we have an incredible place to get lost in nature right in our backyard.

Our trail crew has done a wonderful job of moving trees, branches, equipment, and tools around by hand, by Rokon, and by foot since we started this operation, but it's time for an upgrade. We're looking to purchase an ATV that will allow our volunteers to cover more ground and get more done, and do so much more safely than ever before. With more traffic in the woods and even our own expectations on the rise, an ATV is the perfect tool for making Glacial even better.

When we first discussed the purchase, a local couple asked what it would take to make an ATV happen before this fall. After a little planning, we have a wonderful offer to match all donations up to $5,000 for the month of August! That's right, your donation will be matched, making it possible for us to realize our goal by Labor Day.

Want to chip in? You can donate directly to our August ATV Fund by visiting the secure link here. Please note that you'd like your donation to be applied to the ATV Challenge, and select 'electronic shipping' for your receipt. You can also mail a check with "ATV Challenge" on the memo line to the address below:

The Friends of Glacial Hills

PO Box 317, Bellaire, MI 49615

On behalf of the whole Trail Crew, thank you for supporting Glacial Hills, and make sure you tell a friend about this great opportunity to make the trails even better!

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