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Quiet Water Society Symposium

The fun wasn't limited to the trails this past weekend! We took the spirit of Glacial Hills on the road to the 2019 Quiet Water Society Symposium at Michigan State University.

The annual event is largely geared toward paddling sports, but there were all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts on hand. From trails reps, vendors, and all sorts of excited sportsmen and sportswomen were queued up to see what's new in 2019. Roughly 2,500 people attended, with a non-stop flow of folks rolling through from 9 am to 5 pm.

Bob Holtzman had the absolute pleasure of meeting all sorts of folks from around the state. He noted that Glacial Hills' reputation ranged from undiscovered to a regular destination to ride, hike, and snowshoe for individuals and families from every corner of Michigan. Our booth was paired alongside our pals from Paddle Antrim, with loads of folks learning more about both organizations because of the close association.

We kept the united front going with a combined presentation; the turnout was absolutely huge! It was so packed, in fact, that we had to shut the doors on a few folks because there was simply not another inch to accommodate another person. The response to our mission was positive, enthusiastic, and vocal. Time and time again, we heard folks calling Glacial Hills their favorite trail in the state, the best trail they've ever ridden, and the best maintained trail they've ever seen. That is high praise, and it's a tribute to the tremendous support of our community and the tireless work of our board, and most importantly, our incredible trail crew!

The Quiet Water Symposium has us eager to enjoy the snow while we have it, as well as be as prepared as possible for the eventual snow melt. A big thanks to Bob for making the trip to East Lansing to so graciously represent us, and thanks as well to Paddle Antrim for all of their efforts to preserve and share the wonderful waterways of our region.

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