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Join Us For Our Spring Clean Up!

While there is still a good amount of snow up in the hills, we're planning ahead! Join us April 20 for our annual Spring Clean Up, a whole morning dedicated to clearing, primping, and priming the trails for the rest of the riding season.

It takes a lot of hard work to offer world class trails, and every once in a while, we call on extra hands to make it happen. Outside of our die-hard, dedicated group of volunteers, we rely on support from trail users like you to help us keep Glacial Hills clean, safe, and fun to ride, walk, and explore. Each spring, we locals and neighbors to join us for a Spring Trail Day that's decided to cover a lot of ground and a lot of big tasks, all at once!

On April 20 from 10 am-1 pm, we'll be splitting up all our volunteers into small crews with an ambitious goal. We'll be trying to trim, clear, and manicure as much of the Glacial Hill Trail system as possible in a three hour window. Bring your gloves, your loppers, rakes, and other small trail implements to help us get some of your favorite sections of trail ready for spring, summer, and fall!

The more we can accomplish on April 20, the more we can focus our efforts on new re-routes and by-passes, better drainage where needed, and added and improving amenities at each trail head. Time is perhaps the most underrated and valuable assets, and with so much of our trail work managed and performed by volunteers, we need to make sure their expertise is used efficiently. That's never so important as springtime, when everyone only seems to get more busy (and antsy to ride!).

Make sure you RSVP on the Facebook event to get the latest updates on the Spring Clean Up, including more info on what tools to bring and what trail head we need volunteers to meet at. We can't wait to get started on a sunny start to spring, and your help makes the whole season possible!

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