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Spring Is Around The Corner At Glacial Hills

March means spring is somewhere around the corner. For outdoor enthusiasts, that means constantly checking the radar, looking up trail conditions, and bringing just about every kind of clothing possible for a comfortable day in the woods. For our trail crew, that means an unpredictable month of transition!

Spring in northern Michigan certainly doesn’t come all at once. Even on days where the sun is out and the temperatures get into the 40s, the reality is that our trails tend to hold onto winter a lot longer than we do! That means all that snow lingers, often creating icy and sometimes even hazardous conditions. That crust snow and ice can be a challenge for even experienced fat bikers, hikers, and those diehard cross-country skiers still hoping to put on their planks and get outside.

We’re working hard to keep you updated on trail conditions so that you can make the best decision about when to access the trails, and you should! This is an endlessly fascinating time to watch the season change and see first-hand how the sun impacts the trails. Our unique terrain influences how the sun, snowmelt, water, shade, and pockets of cold air all influence exactly when spring will meet the trails of Glacial Hills.

When it does, we’ll be ready. All of that melt and moisture can have a big impact on the trails and often requires plenty of repair work to reduce the erosion. The weather can also change the trail beds themselves, especially as more trail users come out to explore. The infamous freeze/thaw cycle can have serious and lasting damage on the trails. We’re really lucky to have hikers and bikers that understand this cycle and make smart decisions about when they get outside, but if you need a refresher, this is a really useful article on the topic.

Those efforts, as well as our on-going maintenance all season long, mean we need your help. First, your donation helps put our trail crew in the woods with the tools and equipment they need to get things done. Second, we want you to get dirty, too! We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and are adapting how we work to meet and exceed the current state and local guidelines put in place to keep our volunteers safe. We do hope you’ll consider keeping April 24 clear for our Earth Day Celebration, where we’re planning to use small groups and great communication to coordinate an ambitious day of trail work.

To donate, head here. You can also support Glacial Hills and wear your love for the trails on your sleeve with our new store!


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