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Explore Glacial Hills On Trailforks

glacial hills trails bellaire

We love seeing new ways to stay in touch, explore, and get to know Glacial Hills, and Trailforks is a useful one for those making plans to visit!

Especially now, with snow and icy melting and the conditions of the trails very changeable, having a resource that can offer routes, information, and up-to-date trail reports is incredibly useful. For mountain bikers, Trailforks offers a way to check in on all your favorite trails before you make the drive to the trail head. If you're making the drive to Bellaire from Traverse City, Grand Rapids, or even further afield, this is a great app to download.

Available on your phone or online, Trailforks presents information on trails all over the United States. You can explore mountain bike trails and find out what you need to know before making the trip to the trailhead. Organizations like Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association, West Michigan Mountain Bike Alliance and dozens of others are adopting the platform to inform their members and mountain bikers from all over about the state of the trails.

And the best part? You can help! By riding with Strava and linking that account to the account you create and Trailforks, you can provide us with valuable data that can help us plan trail days, make changes to the trails, clear debris, even know when peak ride times are! You can also help by updating other users about how the trail is riding, which can make everyone's day a bit better.

You can learn more about Trailforks here, as well as take a closer look at the different sections of trails.

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