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Rolling Into September At Glacial Hills

There may be a few more weeks of summer left, but fall is certainly in the air! Get a look at what we accomplished this season and get ready for autumn riding.

It has been a very different but incredibly productive year for the Glacial Hills Trail Crew. We take a lot of pride in having a reputation for offering mountain bikers, hikers, and adventurers the best conditions in the state. We’ve spared nothing in continuing that tradition, especially as more individuals and families out into the woods to escape the monotony of life in lockdown.

All the new trail users will be especially thankful for the quick completion of our massive signage upgrade project! Scheduled to take up to as many as five days, our trail crew at it nearly completed in just one! These new signs and kiosk maps include a color-coded and symbol system that makes it easy to follow curated loops and put together your own much easier. They also include new trails that have been added since the original signs were introduced.

In the last week of August, we also added more parking spaces at the Eckhardt Trailhead. With the trails being more popular than ever, we’re making accessibility a major priority. The outdoors are for everyone, and if everyone shows up at the same time, they need elbow room!

That accessibility mission includes another on-going project that you can still support. Our Water Bottle Champion fundraiser is working to bring water access to the trails, allowing trail users to fill up, wash their hands, and splash their faces on a hot day. You can support the fundraiser and pick up an exclusive Water Champion bottle to show everyone just how much you value Glacial Hills and the future of our trails.

Finally, we’ve got four winners from our Get To Glacial Hills Challenge! Riders from all over put in some miles on two curated routes we dubbed The Big Pour and The Little Sip. If you’re heading to ride soon, check out those routes and see if you can finish up as fast as Little Sippers Sam and Melissa D., Griffin W., and David H. Thanks for playing along, everyone!

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