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The Get To Glacial Hills Challenge Starts August 1!

Like so many events, the Short’s Brewing Glacial Hills XC Challenge was cancelled for next month. Just because we aren’t all riding together doesn’t mean we can’t ride; meet the Get To Glacial Hills Challenge!

From August 1 to August 30, we’re challenging you to ride one or both of our two favorite loops! There are so many unique ways to put together your own route here at Glacial Hills, but we wanted to share two that Tim Reicha, chair of the Friends of Glacial Hills committee and an avid and adventurous mountain biker, too!

It’s a simple and fun challenge; ride the loop. We’ll use Stava to track who rode each route. Just by finishing each loop, you’ll be entered to win neat prizes from Short’s Brewing, Glacial Hills, and the Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Association!

Two routes mean two rides...or one monster day in the woods!

The Big Pour. 21 miles, just shy of 2,500 feet of climbing...but how do you measure fun? Expect this to take roughly two hours, depending on how hard you’re giving it. Check out the route here and download the GPX.

The Little Sip. What did people always say to Eddie Money at his concerts? Just play the hits. That’s exactly what you get on this 15 mile route. Plan on a 90 minute ride and just under 2,000 feet of climbing, although at Glacial Hills, you’ll wonder where all that elevation came from! See the ride here and grab the GPX.

Events like the Short’s Brewing Glacial Hills XC Challenge serve many purposes. One is certainly financial, with a portion of race proceeds going to support our work. We can only hope to replace that funding through the generous contributions of both local and visiting riders, hikers, and adventurers.

We also miss the opportunity to bring our mountain biking community together and highlight a simply glorious place to ride. We still want to build that community, but do it safely. By adding your name to our Strava leaderboard, you’ll also be adding your name to the list of riders who value and embrace what our sport and what our trails have to offer.

When you travel to Bellaire, please be considerate of your impact on our small community. Follow social distancing practicing in the woods and around town. Consider reaching out before your journey to plan or reserve meals or purchase to reduce time in small indoor spaces. And as always, wear a mask, wash your hands, and let’s all look out for one another.

The Get To Glacial Hills Challenge starts on August 1, so start planning your trip soon!

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