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Glacial Hills Trail Etiquette

Glacial Hills Trails offers basic trail etiquette to make sure everyone's trail experience is fun and safe!

We’ve always been so lucky to have a great community to support and enjoy our trails. It’s been the high quality of maintenance, an inclusive and supportive group of trail users, and support from hikers, riders, and walkers that have helped to grow Glacial Hills into the outdoor destination it has become!

As we see more trail users, and certainly more visitors from different areas, it’s important that we carry that positive and inclusive message to everyone, along with some basic trail etiquette we can all keep in mind.

Pack It In, Pack It Out. We all want to enjoy a pristine,natural trail. Please take extra care to bring any and all trash out of the woods. Even a dropped energy gel wrapper can linger in the woods for decades; let’s help our volunteers by keeping wrappers in our pockets, not on the ground.

Pass Politely. One of the great things about many Northern Michigan trail systems, and especially Glacial Hills, is that they’re accessible to riders and trail users of all abilities. When overtaking another cyclist, runner, or hiker, please use your bell or a kind, strong voice to announce your presence and communicate which side of the trail you’d like to pass on. If you do plan on using headphones on the trails, make sure you can still hear other people talking, and we commend riding or running with only one earbud in, if at all.

Be In Control. Especially important for cyclists, please be in control at all times. This can be a hard thing to judge, as riders of different speeds and skills may consider different thresholds. In short, you should be able to stop, make all turns, pass, or avoid all trail hazards calmly; if you’re pushing the envelope too far, you may be putting yourself and others at risk.

Leases, Please! Dogs are permitted at Glacial Hills, but they need to be on a leash at all times. Always assume there are more trails users, mountain bikers, or other dogs just around the corner; you may feel like you’re alone with nature, but the odds are there’s someone just ahead or behind. Please ensure your dog is safe and well-behaved, especially during peak traffic times on the weekend or evenings.

Be Prepared. The Boy Scouts were onto something. We recommend that all trail users plan ahead and bring anything they may need. Consider packing a snack and water for a hike, and cyclists should bring a flat kit and tools in order to make sure they can get out of the woods even after a mechanical incident. Even if you don’t know how to make the repair, having the tools and parts to make a fix means another trail user might be able to help!

Stay On The Loop. Many trails in Northern Michigan rely on permission from organizations other than NMMBA to operate. Be sure to use established, marked trails and avoid any bandit trails and re-routes within the Glacial Hills system.

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