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No Race? No Reason Not To Ride!

It was with a tremendous amount of regret but little surprise that the Short’s Glacial Hills XC Challenge joined dozens of other northern Michigan in cancellation this summer. It’s a tough decision, but we believe it was the right one for riders, volunteers, and our greater Glacial Hills community.

We have always seen the Glacial Hills XC Challenge as a way to show off our incredible trails and the impeccable maintenance our volunteers put in. The event is a part of the Michigan Mountain Biking Association’s Championship Points Series, which enticed riders from Grand Rapids, Detroit, and every corner of the state to attend and put our trails alongside some of the most famous and beloved trail systems around.

Of course, that also means that it drew hundreds of riders to our neck of the woods, and right now, that is not in the best interests of our community. While we were prepared to make plenty of adjustments in the interest of safety and caution, there is no way to know what and how coronavirus could impact not only racers and volunteers, but the citizens of Bellaire as well.

That doesn’t mean we’re taking it easy. Don Hirt has been leading socially-distanced hikes every Wednesday morning. Our trail crew has been more motivated than ever, coordinated to clear dozens of trees after the wind storm in June and working on a connector near Never Never Land.

Even without a race, we hope individuals riders and families will find a safe way to venture north to Glacial Hills this summer and see just what we have to offer riders of all abilities. On behalf of all of our sponsors and Fun Promotions, thanks to all the racers for their support and interest, and we’ll have something extra special ready for you next summer. Until then, stay tuned for news on a unique fundraiser coming up later this month, plus a virtual challenge for the month of August!

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