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Summer Ride Schedules

No matter your speed or ability, there's a group ride at Glacial Hills that will right up your alley!

Group rides are a great way to connect with your community, learn more about cycling, increase your skills and fitness, and to try new things you may not have tried on your own! It can be a bit intimidating to join a new ride, but with two weeknight rides in the works, we think we've got the right ride for any skill level.

First, we always recommend that you double check that your bike is well-maintained and in working order. Of course, wear a helmet. But other a lid and a functioning mountain bike, all you'll really need to enjoy our group rides is a sense of adventure!

If you're a bit newer to mountain biking, then make sure you've got Tuesday nights free this summer. Sam will be leading a no-drop, beginner friendly ride from the Vandermark Lot every Tuesday at 6pm. This ride is perfect for beginners, or for any rider looking for a more conversational, relaxed ride. If you're an experienced rider who needs a rest day, this might be a great chance to hop in, help others, and enjoy the trails a bit more casual pace! To stay in the loop about ride plans, lengths, and weather changes, we suggest checking out the weekly event page right here.

Ready crank it up a few notches? Then you're going to want to keep your powder dry for the Wednesday Night Rip with the Reichas! Join Tim and Erin at the alley next to Short's Brewing in downtown Bellaire and they'll lead you on a magical, gnar-tastic journey of about 15 miles at 10-15mph. This is a great ride for intermediate and advanced riders who will need minimal regrouping to enjoy the the trails. With the ride starting at Short's, you can be sure that's exactly where it'll end, too! You can count on Tim and Erin to update the event page, too.

Two rides for all abilities. It's going to be an awesome summer at Glacial Hills, and it all starts this week!

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