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ATV Challenge Update: Over $10,000 and Counting!

Your support for the a much-needed and eagerly anticipated ATV has been incredible!

You might remember our call to action to kick off August. Our ATV Challenge looked to make the most of a $5,000 matching donation from a very generous anonymous supporter by the end of the month. Almost on cue, we saw two big storms bring down over 50 trees in the span of just ten days! Events like this are the big reason by we need the added carrying capacity and horsepower. It's equipment like ATVs and our trail Rokon that allow our volunteers to get to trouble areas quickly and safely, bringing with them the heavy chainsaws and tools needed to clear trail, make repairs, and keep Glacial Hills in tip-top shape.

We put out the call, and you all answered! As of the start of the week, we've raised over $11,500 toward our goal of purchasing an ATV. Just getting our hands on the ATV is one thing; the more funds we have for gas, parts, and general maintenance will be key for getting the most out of this investment in our trails. The board is looking to make a purchase this fall so that we have a very important tool at our disposal for what is shaping up to be a gorgeous autumn of walking, biking, and hiking!

You can still help with our mission to bring an ATV to Glacial Hills, and help our general maintenance and programs, by donating here.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more on the ATV Challenge, plus weekly hikes, group rides, and tons of fall fun!

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