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Glacial Hills Mountain Bike Jersey: Show Your Glacial Love!

Whether you live in Bellaire, northern Michigan, or just love Glacial Hills, you've probably always wanted a way to show everyone that our little web of trails is your favorite place to ride. For the first time, we've designed a relaxed, long sleeve jersey that balances your heightened sense of fashion with your passion for Glacial Hills.

The online order form will be open for two more weeks, closing on Wednesday, November 7. That will give jersey manufacturer Primal just enough time to make sure these jerseys make it from the factory to your neck of the woods in time for the holidays!

Available in both Men's and Women's cut, the relaxed fit goes over thicker layers easily but still offers a nice spring and fall warmth, too. The colors are all Glacial, with the trails topography making up the majority of the jersey's design. Sizing is typically as you'd expect; these are meant to fit a bit like a long sleeve t-shirt, not a spandex racing jersey.

These are a great gift, even if that gift is a treat for capping off a terrific summer of riding, or a little something to wear while fat biking at Glacial this winter. Again, the store closes in two weeks, to get your order in right here.

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