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(Virtually) Enjoy Glacial Hills From Home!

Across the state and around the world, we’re facing uncertainty and fear. From threats to our health, setbacks in our economy, and a sense of isolation few of us have experienced before, the pandemic has changed our way of life like nothing else.

Normally, we’d be spending the month of April taking on spring trail projects to ready our singletrack for riders, runners, hikers, and adventurers coming from across the state. Instead, the recent executive order has meant that those plans are on hold. Aside from critical maintenance like tree removal, our volunteers have been limited on what we can take on until all of this is over.

We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding of both our changes to trail maintenance efforts and the closure of our public restrooms and building at our trailheads. We hope that these sacrifices are but a small part of a greater effort to keep our communities safe and healthy.

We also appreciate the folks who would normally have traveled to the trails for staying home and choosing to exercise in their own communities. Those efforts are vital in the big picture and by riding or hiking alone, or limiting your activities to those from within your own household, we can still enjoy our favorite outdoor recreational opportunities without putting other communities at risk.

As a way of saying thanks, take a second to check out a great look at the current state of the trails and a little slice of Glacial Hills for you to enjoy, no matter where you call home. The guys at Paddles and Pedals have been vital in maintaining, supporting, and improving our trails for year, and few folks can shred it like they can!

From everyone at Glacial Hills, stay safe, stay home, stay healthy, and make sure your next adventure is a responsible one!

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